Atlas Pet Company The lifetime Collar | teal - premium rope collar lifetime warranty

Lifetime Collar

Designed for dogs that primarily use harnesses, this premium collar is a fixed length and slips directly over your dog's head. Due to the fixed size, it's easy to take the collar off when you want, while still staying secure during your most active adventures.

Built with premium-grade climbing rope, the woven structure provides greater resistance to chewing and is specifically engineered for both wet and dry conditions. 

We've designed The Lifetime Collar to be the last collar you’ll ever need - and we mean it. Whether your pup outgrows the fixed length or just has a rough day and destroys it, it's guaranteed for life.

Fixed length, available in 4 sizes
Designed for use with harness 
Built for wet & dry conditions
Handmade in San Francisco, CA

Due to the fixed size of the collar, please measure slightly looser than your standard collar to make sure it fits. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 100 reviews
    Best collar: Hands down

    The Lifetime collar is without a doubt the best quality product out there in their field. At first I was apprehensive about the fixed length worrying the 19” would be too large for Oliver. Once it arrive I was extreme happy to see it was a perfect fit. Oliver loves it so much he doesn’t like taking it off. Thank you Atlas Pet Company!

    Love this collar!

    I must admit I was a little hesitant at first because of the fixed length. After a few Facebook messages back and forth these guys helped me decide on the right size and I couldn't be happier. The collar looks great on my dog, it's very bright so it's easily visible. We have had a few rough and tumble play sessions with some other dogs and we haven't had any issues with it falling off. I am very happy with this collar and I'm excited to put it through its paces.

    Lifetime Collar

    Absolutely love the lifetime collar! The teal color is so bright and looks great against my black pup’s fur. I can tell the collar is a well made quality product. I’m very happy with the purchase.

    Love it!

    Looks so good on my girl! I was skeptical of the fixed size but so far, it's working. It doesn't bother her because its not too tight and she hasn't slipped out of it.

    Love the red color

    I overprepared for our new puppy, ordering everything before she was even born. I ordered the lifetime collar in medium and gray thinking she would quickly grow into it and I knew she came from the breeder with a puppy collar. Well, she finally outgrew the puppy collar and the medium collar was still too big. I tried just getting a cheap flat collar from a local store, but it seemed to really bother her. APC was awesome and said I could send in my medium and size it down to a small, but the red color had come it after I had already bought the medium and I really loved that color. I ordered the small in red and we love it. It’s very comfortable on her neck, she isn’t bothered by the size and the width doesn’t cause wheezy breathing when she’s asleep. It is great quality and holds up to dirt and use. Once she outgrows it I’ll put her in the medium gray collar and send in the small to upsize to the medium in red. Yesterday she walked out on some thin ice that held her weight until she was over a deep part of the pond, and she didn’t seem to listen to me calling her back, until she crashed through the ice. I was able to reach and hook my fingers into her collar and pull her out of the pond. So glad she had a collar on.

    My new favorite collar

    Confession: I have over 80 collars for my dog. I buy dog collars like Imelda bought shoes. Some are beautiful and are saved for special occasions like parties and vet visits, some are durable and easy to clean. This one is BOTH. Rugby firmly believes that getting dirty is half, if not all, the fun and enjoys rolling in mud and deer poop, but his Atlas collar cleans up like a dream. I put it in the washer on delicate, air dry it and it's like new. I'm so happy a friend told me about this company and I hope they come out with more colors soon.


    Love the collar and my dog does too! Sturdy and looks like it will last forever.

    Love the collar!

    The collar is perfect for our dog! Wonderful fit and comfortable for her, she’s not constantly scratching anymore. Perfect for all our adventures! Thank you!

    Ollie loves his collar

    Great collar. Well made and easy to clean.

    Great quality but not right for my pet

    I was very satisfied with the quality and durability of the leash and collar I received. The red color was bright and eye-catching. Unfortunately, for my Boston Terrier, it was not ideal. The collar was very bulky but, although it fit great, she was not happy with it. The leash was the perfect length to walk her and probably would have lasted her throughout her life, but again, just was not the right leash for her. Your mileage will vary.