Atlas Pet Company The lifetime leash | purple - premium rope leash lifetime warranty
Atlas Pet Company The lifetime leash | purple - premium rope leash lifetime warranty

The Lifetime Leash

Meet the last leash you’ll ever need.
No, really. We mean it. That’s what happens when you put ultra-premium rope to good use. It becomes that thing you never forget to pack, the one that goes next to the hiking boots and beach towel every time you and your dog load up the car. The thing that, once you get where you’re going, lets your feet—and paws—hit the ground running.

Built with premium-grade climbing rope, the woven structure provides greater resistance to chewing and is specifically engineered for both wet and dry conditions. 

Like all APC products, the Lifetime Leash is backed by our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

Five Feet (60") Long
Stainless Steel Lobster Clip
Premium 9mm Climbing Rope
Marine-grade, Chew-Resistant Rope Clamp
Handmade near Asheville, North Carolina

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 144 reviews
    Strong leash

    After going through a few leashes, I was in need for a leash that was stronger made for a dog that pulls during walks. This leash was almost perfect for it. For a leash made to be so strong, I’m surprised how uncomfortable it is to hold onto. I thought that since it was a strong leash there would be a comfort factor for the dog owner put into the product but this leash lacks that. It would be a five star leash if there was comfort added for the handle


    Very helpful with a return on collar. Our dog is between sizes so thanks for easy return.

    Thumbs Up

    I’ve had my Rottie mix for almost 3 years and we’ve gone through so many leashes I’ve lost count. He’s one that needs something in his mouth when he gets challenged by another dog or gets excited by a squirrel he can’t chase while on a walk. Unfortunately this has led to ripped nylon, frayed rope, and destroyed leather leashes. This dog hasn’t met a leash he can’t destroy.
    From the pictures I thought this leash was going you be heavy and thick but it’s not. Quality material, solid hardware, cool colors. I also like the option of a longer length (I ordered the 8 foot). Although I haven’t had the leash very long my dog has gotten a good chew or two in and I haven’t seen a mark on the leash yet. I’m excited to see how it holds up in the long run. I’m not too worried with a lifetime warranty behind it! Very excited for a possible harness to come out.. in the meantime I’m thinking Obie needs a matching collar

    Best Leash!

    Such a great product! So light yet so sturdy. Definitely the last leash I'll ever need!

    Love it!!

    It is indestructible indeed! I’ve gone through SO many leashes. I’m so happy that my Shiba inu can’t destroy it. It is also very comfortable to hold.

    Successfully Tested Across the Globe

    After a year of travel, post military retirement, my four legged friend and I returned to The States with several of our APC collars and leashes in seemingly untouched condition—however with several miles under their belts. The quality and durability of these products continues to amaze. Certainly worth the expense!

    Love the Leash & Collar!

    I have had the Lifetime Leash and Collar for a few weeks now, and I love them. By far the best leash I have owned, we love taking it out for adventures!

    Very Comfortable

    I have a working dog. I purchased the 8 foot leash to take her hiking on her weekends off. The one morning I was in a rush and I couldn't find her work leash so I ended up taking this one instead. I love it. Only issue I have with using this at work is the fact it's 8 feet long. We normally use a black leather 6 footer. But so far it's holding up with the 8 to 12 hour shifts and the dog crawling around and under trucks and cars all day. It feels good on the hands and it's very secure.

    My new favorite leash

    It seems indestructible so far. I take my dog, who's a 60 pound puller, into the woods and on trails and in streams for exercise and I need a longer leash for ease of movement. It's just great. After several weeks of walking, no fraying or any visible wear. Love it!

    Love the collars and leashes!!!

    We have 5 Australian Shepherds that work and play hard! Their favorite chew toys have always been their collars. That was getting way to expensive so I gave Atlas collars and leashes a try. What could I lose? I am very impressed!!! They came beautifully packaged and not one has been chewed!!! YAY!!!

    I will upload a picture of 3 of our Aussies. Mom and dad have collars and leashes. Baby Cash does not have a collar...YET...He does have a leash though!!!

    Love the photo of their happy faces!! Thank you for your support, glad the gear is being put to the test!