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Love it!

Got the leash and collar and love both! Very functional, durable, and they look great! Finley loves them too.

Highly recommend!


Everything as described, couldn’t be happier! Hands down the most stellar lease and collar I’ve seen or purchased. These folks gained a life long customer and I recommend them to all dog owners I know and talk to.

Love iT!



The Lifetime Collar

Awesome collars and even better leashes...

Love both of these products so much got a second set for our other dog. The class that attaches the leash is a well though out design and works awesome and is very easy to use. Great products thus far.

A+ Leash

A very sturdy (and attractive to boot) leash. We only got it recently (and faster than expected I might add—great service), but so far it’s survived rain, beach, and much chewing and doesn’t show any wear. With our prior leash we were concerned that our pup’s chewing might weaken it and allow him to pull free, but we never worry with the Atlas. Once he’s full grown we’ll definitely be investing in a matching collar.

Teal 25” Collar

Love it! It’s color is perfect and true to what’s online.I love it’s fit but also loose nature for my huskys large amount of fur! Most collars get visibly lost in his fur so I really love this design

We love our leash!

We are more than satisfied with our leash! It’s the perfect color and is nice and sturdy for our growing boy Gunner!


The products surpassed my expectations.

Great color and very functional

Love this new leash! My only this is it’s a little short which makes it hard to walk our dog but maybe it will stretch?! Hope so


The Perfect Collar

Amazing product!

I love the color and durability! Thank you!

Awesome leash and collar

Very durable, practical, and stylish design. Got this collar and leash for one dog to try it out and afteress than a month have ordered a second set of the other dog. Thank you!

Dungan with his Perfect Collar

Duncan sitting handsomely in his new green collar. A very sturdy and classy product that will last a lifetime. Just love the collar and matching leash. We get compliments throughout the neighborhood on our daily walks.

Best. Leashes. Ever.

For someone with an active lifestyle these leashes are hands down the best purchase I've made. The quality, the durability, the craftsmanship are unmatched. I used to go through leashes every few months, now I have a leash that I can rely on.


The Perfect Collar

Love these collars!!!

Love everything you make! Perfect design and high quality!! I Have every color but one, which I will be ordering for Christmas for my Chocolate Lab! They are great for So Cal Beach living/outdoor hiking adventures and also for just lounging around the house. I love them all! Ordering for friends for Christmas right now! A+++++++ Company! Fantastic to deal with! Thank you!

Great Products

I love the collar and leash, and they both work really well. One of the strongest collars I have ever purchased, it works like a charm on my 85-lbs pit mix.

I just wish there were a few more mixed-breed dogs represented on the website and Instagram page :(

Durable & Sporty

Excellent quality. We looked at a number of different options. Atlas offered a handsome & durable leash and collar.

Perfect for our pups

These new leashes are perfect for our dogs. They are very durable and comfortable.

Great leash!

Wonderful customer service. Love my new leash!

Premium Construction for Premium Companions

No picture on any website will be able to convey the quality construction and materials used in Atlas products. When they arrive, you’ll see and appreciate what I’m talking about - just imagine how much your furry friend will appreciate it since they’re the ones wearing it!

Orange collar

Finn loves his new orange Atlas Pet collar. It fits perfectly and is rugged and looks great!

Silver Collar Fits Perfect on Hobbes

I ordered a size too large for my Doberman. Customer service was awesome not only did they recommend a good size collar, they replaced it and helped customize the size for a perfect fit. They also respond quickly and help with your order anyway possible. Collar looks great on my pup and he doesn’t mind having it on compared to other collars. It fits loose, but doesn’t dangle. Definitely a good purchase!


This leash is perfect for any adventuring dog! its strong durable and looks great. If you're rough terrain this is the leashr for you, i have it in both teal and silver and its stunning in both colors


The Perfect Leash

Leash is good, but collar has some issues

We recently got a leash and collar for our dog Trudy and while we do like the leash, I’m not so sure about the collar. The metal ring is really hefty and we can’t attach any of her tags to it. Additionally, since it does slip over her head to go on, she can pull out of it to get it off. But thankfully, she’s not a runner.

Love the color

This collar looks so great on Bruno! The blue color is so beautiful! Bruno is still a puppy so I wish it was adjustable but I bought the next size up for when he grows.

We love our APC gear!

The perfect collar and leash are seriously perfect! Not just beautiful, but so functional too! We have the set in both gray and blue, while we love both colors, the blue is extra beautiful! You need this collar & leash!

Awesome Collar, Superb Customer Service

Original collar got put in the wrong mailbox somehow and the Atlas team sent me a new one right away. The leash itself is great. Good for training as it doesn't get twisted up.

Great Collar!

Nice durable, non-abrasive rope collar. My lab has a tendency to get chaffed from her edge of her webbing collar but the round rope atlas collar has been super gentle on her neck.

Wonderful Leash And Collar

We love everything about the leash and collar. Very sturdy and stylish. We especially like the high quality clasps that won't jam even after a trip to the beach. This is the leash that will join us for many of our adventures!

Durable and Stylish

Finally a collar that is both functional and stylish. Yes, the rope does spread over time—so if you're also one that doesn't particularly like a collar on your dog at all times, but rather simply when going out, then my suggestion is to get either a smaller woman size or a custom size.

It really is The Perfect Leash

Great leash for every scenario. The clasp is secure and once it's latched, you know it'll stay put. The rope thickness provides a sturdy grip and I love the color choices!

The best leash!

Simply the best leash - easy to use, strong, and high-quality.


Redford my 8 mo. old loves it! Fits great! Just waiting for my exchange for Sundance.


The Perfect Leash | SILVER

More comfortable than a flat collar

In the past all of my dog's collars have been flat nylon webbing collars from reputable outdoor dog companies but we found recently that the collars were bothering him more and more - he was scratching on his neck at the collar all the time, no matter how many times we washed it. We we're going to switch to leather but because we like to take our dog's collar off when he's home for the evening, the belt style buckle seemed like a major pain in the a** to deal with. We decided to go try rope collars but not many make them and they all tended to have stiff and itchy little reflective bits in them so I found Atlas and decided to give it a try. After a month or so of use now both I and my dog love this collar!! It doesn't itch and he's completely stopped scratching at his neck, it's a softer but very durable climbing rope material and it's a breeze to put on and off by simply slipping on and off and it's great looking. We've gotten a few compliments already on his collar. Our dog always wears a harness when he's on leash or even out hiking and I would never recommend attaching a leash to this collar because it can easily slip off. My ONLY con is that actually hardware is rather bulky and heavy. I like that it has some weight to keep that part down - but I think it's a bit too heavy and bulky. It would be great if the hardware size varied depending on the size of the collar.

Hey Olivia! Love to hear our collar has stopped the itching issue you had in the past. Totally understand how the hardware can be a little bulky for smaller dogs, and we'll try to find a better solution for those smaller sizes. Thanks again for the feedback, we really appreciate your support. - Sam
Best leash & collar

We love our APC collar & leash. The cord is super durable and won’t cut your hand like those nylon leashes. The clasps are also high quality and won’t jam after a day at the beach! The color, style and even is exactly what I would design myself if I owned a leash brand :)

Wish it was a little longer

The leash is a little short, wish there was one 1-2 feet longer. Otherwise seems to be pretty good quality for my 1 year old lab!

Not for little doggies

great service - not good for sub 20 lbs dogs. the hardware and rope gauge doesn't adjust for small dogs and its just too big and plastic attachment pieces are too clunky. wish they made a better product for smaller dogs, i would definitely buy.

Highly Recommend

So far so good. I have had the leash for about a month now and it does not have a scratch on it. Very sturdy. Highly recommend if you have a young pup beginning to bite on the leash.


The Perfect Leash | SILVER

Great Collar

I love the color (looks great on my dog's fur), and love the weight and feel. My dog loves to be outdoors (hiking, camping, the beach) and it seems quite durable. I've machine washed it twice so far, and it looks like new each time. I do wish this was adjustable, so that it would be just a better overall fit. Since you have to size up a bit in order for the collar to slip over the dog's head, it ends up being a little too loose and she can slip out of it very easily.


Super stoked on this collar! My pup gets it wet/muddy/dirty/etc. daily and it hold up great!!! Killer simple look and super practical!

Awesome quality

I love the quality, look, and feel of this leash, but wish it was available in different lengths—it's just a little too long to be my everyday, in-the-city leash (though I'm using it anyway).

Essential if you own an adventurous outdoorsy dog!

Our collars and leashes have been dragged through mud, withstand salt water and are basically our most trusted gear. They are heavily used every day and had to be washed more times that I can count and are still in the condition I bought them in.
Every one of our chosen colors (orange, pink, silver and even the black one) are perfectly visible one my black girl which absolutely love.

Added bonus for the humans: when slinging APCs orange leash around my shoulders even I am more visible wearing it while the doggy is roaming through the woods.

The Best

We recently purchased two Perfect Leashes and Perfect Collars (cobalt and pink) for our two dogs, a male black Lab and a female Australian Shepherd. We have been extremely pleased with both the leash and the collar. All of the different colors are very vibrant. Both the leas and collar are made of durable materials. With the two active dogs, the leashes provide a strength and flexibility that are appreciated on our long walks. We would recommend both products to anyone owning a dog.

Best ever

We recently purchased two Perfect Leashes and Perfect Collars (cobalt and pink) for our two dogs, a male black Lab and a female Australian Shepherd. We have been extremely pleased with both the leash and the collar. All of the different colors are very vibrant. Both the leas and collar are made of durable materials. With the two active dogs, the leashes provide a strength and flexibility that are appreciated on our long walks. We would recommend both products to anyone owning a dog.

Love it!

I love the simple design and color. I get compliments at the park, and it doesn't get slimy when my dog picks up the leash.