Atlas Pet Company Collar Small 16" (French Bulldog) The Perfect Collar | TEAL premium rope collar - premium rope collar lifetime warranty
Atlas Pet Company Collar Small 16" (French Bulldog) The Perfect Collar | TEAL - premium rope collar lifetime warranty

The Perfect Collar

Designed for dogs that primarily use harnesses, this premium collar is a fixed length and slips directly over your dog's head. Due to the fixed size, it's easy to take the collar off while still staying secure during your dog's most active adventures. 

We take pride in our products and have designed this to be the last collar you'll ever need, backed by our Lifetime Warranty

Fixed Length, available in 4 sizes
Designed for use with harness 
Handmade in San Francisco, CA
Lifetime Warranty & Free Shipping

Due to the fixed size of the collar, please measure slightly looser than your standard collar to make sure it fits. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews

    Redford my 8 mo. old loves it! Fits great! Just waiting for my exchange for Sundance.

    More comfortable than a flat collar

    In the past all of my dog's collars have been flat nylon webbing collars from reputable outdoor dog companies but we found recently that the collars were bothering him more and more - he was scratching on his neck at the collar all the time, no matter how many times we washed it. We we're going to switch to leather but because we like to take our dog's collar off when he's home for the evening, the belt style buckle seemed like a major pain in the a** to deal with. We decided to go try rope collars but not many make them and they all tended to have stiff and itchy little reflective bits in them so I found Atlas and decided to give it a try. After a month or so of use now both I and my dog love this collar!! It doesn't itch and he's completely stopped scratching at his neck, it's a softer but very durable climbing rope material and it's a breeze to put on and off by simply slipping on and off and it's great looking. We've gotten a few compliments already on his collar. Our dog always wears a harness when he's on leash or even out hiking and I would never recommend attaching a leash to this collar because it can easily slip off. My ONLY con is that actually hardware is rather bulky and heavy. I like that it has some weight to keep that part down - but I think it's a bit too heavy and bulky. It would be great if the hardware size varied depending on the size of the collar.

    Hey Olivia! Love to hear our collar has stopped the itching issue you had in the past. Totally understand how the hardware can be a little bulky for smaller dogs, and we'll try to find a better solution for those smaller sizes. Thanks again for the feedback, we really appreciate your support. - Sam
    Not for little doggies

    great service - not good for sub 20 lbs dogs. the hardware and rope gauge doesn't adjust for small dogs and its just too big and plastic attachment pieces are too clunky. wish they made a better product for smaller dogs, i would definitely buy.

    Great Collar

    I love the color (looks great on my dog's fur), and love the weight and feel. My dog loves to be outdoors (hiking, camping, the beach) and it seems quite durable. I've machine washed it twice so far, and it looks like new each time. I do wish this was adjustable, so that it would be just a better overall fit. Since you have to size up a bit in order for the collar to slip over the dog's head, it ends up being a little too loose and she can slip out of it very easily.


    Super stoked on this collar! My pup gets it wet/muddy/dirty/etc. daily and it hold up great!!! Killer simple look and super practical!